Siemens have been a crucial part of the hearing aid world for over 130 years now, and remain an important manufacturer of hearing devices.

Following the development of the Phonophor hearing instrument by Werner von Siemens over a century ago, the hearing world has changed dramatically, and those with hearing impairments have been able to seek out substantial solutions.

The company is a pioneer and trendsetter in the development of hearing aids used to improve quality of life. They produce an extensive range of hearing aids that cater to each individual need of those suffering from a hearing impairment.

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids

These devices are worn behind the ear, with the receiver sitting directly in the ear canal. Siemens have a range of 5 different RIC hearing aids – Ace, Pure, Carat, Orion RIC and Orion 2, all which come with their own list of benefits for different requirements.

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids are known for their discretion and appropriate amplification, and are incredibly comfortable with their range of miniReceivers available in different sizes. With reliable performance and exceptional technology, the range provides a high quality hearing experience for those wanting RIC hearing aids.

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids

No two ITE hearing aids are the same, as they are custom designed to fit perfectly inside a person’s ear. As they’re individually manufactured, this means that they are the amongst the most comfortable hearing devices available, created to sit completely in the ear canal and modelled to the exact shape needed.

Insio, Nitro, Orion 2, Sirion 2 and Intuis 2 are all of the hearing devices included in Siemens’ ITE range, created for a discreet, sophisticated and convenient hearing experience.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids

BTE devices vary greatly in size, from miniature-BTEs to the larger SuperPower aids, as there is one to suit all types of hearing loss, from mild to profound. Siemens’ range of BTE hearing aids – Aquaris, Motion, Nitro, Orion 2, Sirion 2 and Intuis 2 – provide a host of features from wireless connectivity to waterproof technology for a great quality, clear listening experience.

Siemens’ hearing aid range

Entry Level

  • Sirion 2 – The Sirion 2 family has a range of discreet hearing aids perfect for all types of hearing losses. Their models pride themselves on their discreet design, with a nano-coated housing for protection. Built in to the devices are a range of features including multichannel compression and limitation, adaptive directional microphone system, feedback cancellation and much more, all combined together to create a seamless listening experience.
  • Orion 2 – Encompassing an ergonomic, discreet design for a comfortable fit, the Orion 2 range offers convenient instruments that fit into just about every aspect of life. The devices are easily controlled to be able to manually adjust settings to fit in with the listening situation, although they are also equipped with automatic adaptive directional microphones to instantly focus on the voices you want to hear.

Lower Mid Range

  • Primax 3 – The Siemens Primax is a RIC hearing aid, with many high-end features. Rather than having to change the battery, the Primax 3 is rechargeable, meaning you can make use of the features incuding tinnitus therapy, at your own convenience. It’s suitable for all levels of hearing loss, and includes directional microphones for the best binaural performance. The Primax 3 comes with 24 channels.

Upper Mid Range

  • Primax 5 – With features such as tinnitus therapy and telecoil, the Primax 5 is much more than just your simple hearing aid. It’d also highly convenient and functional, with a rechargeable battery, directional microphones and a completely wireless experience all being major benefits. Suitable for all levels of hearing loss, the Primax 5 is a reliable hearing aid that delivers an outstanding binaural performance. The Primax 5 comes with 32 channels.


  • Primax 7 – The Primax 7 is a modern, highly functional hearing aid that provides more than just a high quality binaural performance. It’s a functional, easy to use hearing aid, with telecoil, a rechargeable battery, CROS/BiCROS and tinnitus therapy. It’s also compatible with easyTek, meaning you can control your hearing aid and audio inputs using the Siemens easyTek mobile app. The Primax 7 packs 48 channels.

Example Siemens Prices, please contact us for latest deals.

Manufacturer Model Price per ear
Siemens Micon Ace / Pure / Motion 7mi £1,595
Siemens Micon Ace / Pure / Motion 5mi £1,395
Siemens Micon Pure 3mi / Motion 301 Xcel £1,295
Siemens Pure / Life / Motion 101 Xcel £1,195
Siemens Micon Life / Aquaris / Insio 7mi £1,595
Siemens Micon Life / Aquaris / Insio 5mi £1,395
Siemens Micon Life / Aquaris 3mi £1,095
Siemens Pure / Life / Motion 101 Xcel £895
Siemens Pure / Motion / Life / Aquaris – 701 £1,545
Siemens Pure / Motion / Life / Aquaris – 501 £1,345
Siemens Pure / Motion / Life – 301 £1,295
Siemens Pure / Motion / Life – 101 £1,195
Siemens Intuis £795
Siemens Nitro 701 £1,545
Siemens Nitro 301 £1,195

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