Widex Unique

The Widex UNIQUE hearing aid pushes back the barriers of what you can hear with a hearing aid. Louder and softer sounds. More conversation. In fact, all the important sound details around you. But not every day has to be an adventure.

Whether you’re riding up a mountain or riding down the road, UNIQUE lets you comfortably hear more sounds wherever you are, whatever you are doing.



What makes UNIQUE better than other similar hearing aids?

  • A wider sound picture – so you can hear both soft and loud sounds in comfort
  • The best wind noise reduction system available, so even in windy environments you can still hear speech
  • It detects your listening situation automatically and makes sure you hear the right sound at the right time in the right place


WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aids capture all the sounds you need, from the highs to the lows, from the loud to the very quiet. No other hearing aid can provide you with such a wide range of comfortable, audible sounds.


Only UNIQUE can reduce unwanted soft sounds and maintain useful soft sounds (such as quiet speech). And when you’re outdoors, UNIQUE significantly reduces wind noise, no matter what the conditions.


WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aids cleverly and quickly adapt to any situation you find yourself in. So you can easily separate speech from noise. And enjoy supreme sound in any environment.

Widex’s hearing aid range

Entry Level

  • Unique 110 – Introduced to replace the Widex Dream 110, the device incorporates Widex’s newest U-Platform processing chip, along with the rest of the Unique range, which allows it to pick up even the quietest and softest sounds. It has 4 channels and features technology such as noise reduction and a Personal Audibility Extender, helping high-frequency sounds to be heard effectively by those suffering from profound high frequency hearing loss, by converting them to a lower frequency range.

Lower Mid Range

  • Unique 220 – A higher spec version of the 110, with 6 channels and added features such as TruSound Softener, which rapidly reduces the volume of sudden loud sounds, to provide a more comfortable listening experience. An incorporated Sound Diary also allows for the wearer to easily adjust the sound level by keeping track of any manual volume changes.

Upper Mid Range

  • Unique 330 – In addition to all of the features of the lower spec versions of the Unique, the 330 has Digital Pinna which aims to improve sound quality and spatial awareness of the listening environment, by learning how the real-ear picks up certain frequencies, replicating them and delivering through the hearing aid.


  • Unique 440 – The most technologically advanced hearing instrument of the Unique range has 15 channels and pulls together all of Widex’s best features, as well as advanced InterEar technology, which brings both compression, noise reduction and directionality. The device also includes a Partner Monitor to send a warning signal if wireless connection is lost between two synchronized hearing aids.

Example Widex Prices, please contact us for latest deals.

Manufacturer Model Price per ear
Widex Beyond 440 £1,795
Widex Beyond 330 £1,399
Widex Beyond 220 £1,195
Widex Beyond 110 £995
Widex Unique 440 – Passion / Fusion / Super440 £1,599
Widex Unique 330 – Passion & Fusion £1,299
Widex Unique 220 – Passion / Fusion / Super220 £1,099
Widex Evoke 440 £1795
Widex Evoke 330 £1399
Widex Evoke 220 £1195
Widex Evoke 110 £995
Widex Power Shells for RIC’s £79 / ear
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